1. Enshrined deities

Sir Michizane Sugawara

Sir Koreyoshi Sugawara

Sir Kiyokimi Sugawara

2. The annual festival takes place on 25th of July.

Sugawarain Temmangu Shrine is a sacred place where Michizane Sugawara, known as “a patron of learning” was born, and it was lived by not only Michizane, but also his great grandfather Furuhito Ason, his grandfather Kiyokimi, and his father Koreyoshi. Furuhito Ason served Emperor Kammu, Kiyokimi served three Emperors of Saga, Junna, and Nimmyo. Koreyoshi served Emperors Montoku and Seiwa. This residence, known as “Sugawarain” was handed down through generations of the Sugawaras resuming honorable posts in Imperial Courts. According to Shougaisho(an encyclopedia), Sugawarain was the residence of Michizane or his father Koreyoshi, and occupied one block in the west of the Kageyukoji Karasuma area. In the 9th century, it was named Kankikoji temple. On Kitano Festival day, loquats were picked and offered to the deities here. On old maps, Sugawarain appears as a piece of land surrounded by Karasuma, Muromachi, Shimodachiuri, and Sawaragicho streets, with which one can tell that it was quite an extensive residence. According to the record on Michizane Sugawara in Kitanoengi volume of “Fukurozoshii” poetry book (National Treasure. Written by Nobuzane Fujiwara Ason), Sugawarain was the former residence of Koreyoshi. Michizane was born and lived here, and founded Kankikoji temple for the Sugawaras. However, the temple was later moved to Rokujodojo. A shrine was built on the remaining structure to commemorate the belief that it is the birthplace of Michizane. Michizane Sugawara, a patron of learning is enshrined along with his father Koreyoshi.

The shrine has been in existence till now as a sacred birthplace of Michizane and as the 1st place to be visited in the pilgrimage covering twenty-five shrines dedicated to Michizane Sugawara. The well used for Michizane’s first bath and his beloved stone lantern still remain.

Sugawarain Temmangu Shrine Office

Karasumadori Shimodachiuri-sagaru, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City 602-8022
Phone/Fax 075-211-4769


  • Subway Karasuma-line, Marutamachi-station, Exit 2, Five minute walk.
  • City bus stop is “Karasuma Shimodachiuri” or “Karasuma Marutamachi” with 7 minute walk.